How to use Instagram analytics?

Instagram analytics is a great place to start if you want to grow your Instagram account. Instagram analytics will help you reach new audiences, but it will be your strategy of content that helps you reach your target audience. It all comes down to understanding different Instagram metrics and terms and how to use Instagram analytics this data to grow your audience.

Let us explore some substantial benefits and use of Instagram Analytics.

Why does the Instagram analytics matter?

It’s the best way to understand your audience, what content they want from you, and when they will be more active.
It would be best if you always planned to yield a great result. Its level of insight is significant for creating a content strategy that helps achieve results for your brand or business.

Finding suitable metrics to track can take more work than interpreting them. Instagram Analytics helps you find the desired metrics.
Every brand and business has its own set of goals, from increasing clicks to increasing follower count and conversion, which means that the essential metrics vary from case to case. You need to have a clear objective to monitor your social media. Once you have clarified your goals, you will be able to get more from your Instagram analytics.

How to Make Use of Instagram Insights

Now, you know about how to use Instagram Analytics and the benefits associated with it. But how can you make use of it? Don’t worry; we are going to explain that to you. Keep reading the article, and you will know how to carry it out.
Whether an Instagram business or a creator profile, Instagram’s in-app analytics are available to both business and creator profiles. It would be best if you switched to a business or a creator profile to get its benefits. You can easily access your analytics through the insights tab in the Instagram app once you have an Instagram business or creator profile.

How to use Instagram audience analytics

You can monitor your content strategy and post times accordingly; getting to grips with your audience analytics is a great way to understand to whom you are talking.

How to find your audience? It’s not a tricky task, open the insights tab on Instagram, scroll down to your audience, and tap “See all.”
With its assistance, you will see an overview of your follower breakdown for up to 90 days, including weekends.
Some other information you can get to know about your audience :

  • Most active hours and days
  • Gender
  • Age range: all men and women
  • Top locations: cities and countries
  • Follower growth overall (follows and unfollows)

With the help of critical metrics like follower growth, comparing it with your content strategy is a great way to understand what’s working for your account and monitor your follower growth over time. 

For example, follower growth is valuable insight to inform your future strategy if you notice a significant uptick in followers after sharing an Instagram reel.

In case you want to track your audience and follower growth over an extended period. You can track up to 12 months’ worth of data with the help of Instagram analytics.

If you want to know the best time to post and engage with your audience, you can use Instagram insights to understand your audience better and determine your best time to post.

Your Instagram posting strategy depends on Instagram insights. You can discover where your audience is based and when they are most active, both valuable indicators for optimizing your Instagram posting strategy.

You can quickly learn the best time to post using Instagram Analytics, and you can use the feature to calculate your top 7 posting times automatically. With our Instagram scheduler, you can schedule posts based on your previous activities at the best times.

What is Instagram feed post analytics?

Instagram analytics offers you different ways to access the feed.

  • Taps on the call button
  • Comments
  • Email button clicks
  • Follows
  • Get directions taps
  • Impressions
  • Likes
  • Post interactions
  • Profile visits
  • Reach
  • Saves
  • text button presses
  • Video views
  • Website taps

You may see even more options if you have Instagram’s shopping features enabled. We will talk about this in detail, but for now, let’s focus on how to use Instagram Analytics; it is a great way to gain a holistic view of the content that has performed best over a set period. 

For a more detailed performance overview, tap View Insights beneath a published post. From here, you will be able to see all the main metrics, including

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Sends are only available outside of Europe.
  • Saves
  • Interactions, profile visits, and website clicks
  • Discovery accounts you follow
  • hashtag impressions on your home profile and other

Likes, comments, and sends are a great way to learn what posts encourage engagement from your community.
Saves often show what content resonates deeply with your audience, provides inspiration, or has lasting value.
Website clicks strongly indicate that your followers are inspired to learn more about your product or services.
Impressions show how well your post is performing with the Instagram algorithm. For high-performing posts, note where your image came from, the time and day of posting, and whether any thematic content trends are worth nothing.
If you get a result about hashtags and learn about people, you’re on the right track.

Instagram stories analytics

  • Interactions and profile visits
  • Impressions
  • Follows
  • Navigation: back
  • Excited for the next story

Pay close attention to the exited metric, as it can indicate where your audience lost interest in your content, and you will get an idea of what to avoid in the future.

Post by abhinav_s
January 16, 2023