Tips to remember while adding motion graphics in website design

Every graphic designer in the best graphic designing company in Delhi focuses on creating motion graphics into their website to make sure that the user is attractive and engaged into the design to increase the traffic and increase the time on site. When any motion effect say Parallax Effect is added to the website it makes the people engage more on the website. Parallax effect is an effect in which the background is set and when you scroll downwards, it creates an effect of 3D motion while static page elements follow the user downwards. This animation effect draws the attention of the people and encourages them to spend more time on the website with creative and innovative and interactive content. It is a very simple technique used to add motion in your website.

Tips to Remember while adding motion graphics in website design

  1. Focusing on Micro interactions: Adding too much animation to a website is a mistake most of the website designer tend to put forward. While keeping it more subtle, the website designer can make sure that they have a unique feature in a website but it is not overpowering the content of a website rather it should highlight it. The best graphic designing company in Delhi believes it is important to make sure that when you are working on designs for a website you are more focused on designing an animation which is a micro-interaction like displaying of text through animation in the header of the website.
  2. Branding: Branding is the most important part of creating a brand out of a business idea or already existing business. Branding is the process through which the best website designing company in Delhi creates a standardized design and pattern for your website which attracts the users and makes them remember your brand. The best graphic designing company in Delhi believes that brand is created with unique and effective designs on your website. A motion graphic can highlight the brand more and make an unforgettable impact on the mind of the user.
  3. Visual Effects: Anything on the website that is moving attracts more user attention and helps the website become more visually appealing. To gain the positive views of the users online you need to have a good and interesting way to make sure that they stay on the website enough so that they can judge the website i.e. more than 10 seconds at least. The best graphic designing company in Delhi believes that any graphic is created with the aim to provide a visual effect that conveys the message of the website. A graphic designer while integrating the design online should focus on creating designs that make sense and enhances the website rather than just using the motion graphics for fun.
  4. Using Internet Safe Colors: Brands nowadays want to create something unique but the design is something that is to make sure that the user meets with what it is looking. Using colors which do not belong to the industry and niche to the website can make your project turn into something that does not attract the users in a positive way but also makes high have a negative impact. Best graphic designing company in Delhi suggests using colors which are a part of the type of industry a company belongs to in their website and its motion graphics can make the website look more appealing in the eyes of the customers to make sure that they can work better online.
  5. Download time: Any motion graphic or animation that is made for the website has to be compressed to make sure that your website load speed does not get affected. Website speed is something that really affects how your website is going to be presented in front of the user. It is one of the first things that a user notices; it directly impacts the bounce rate and ranking rankings of the website. The best graphic designing company in Delhi would suggest making sure that your designs are not making the website heavy and hampering it load speed and rendering.
  6. Storytelling: The motion graphics are a very good way of integrating the story in website design to engage the users and create something that will engage the users. Being a part of the best graphic designing company in Delhi, a designer should create a motion graphics that shows a part of the story makes the user want to know more and end up spending more time on the website. Benefits of storytelling way of the website can be achieved beautifully with the help of the motion graphics as they are the best way to provide they create a sense of connected scenes that makes the designer freedom to highlight the different things which are a part of the website that makes the website features or companies services. Best graphic designing company in Delhi suggests that use the motion graphics to tell a story should be according to the needs of the website.

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