Digital technology trends- something that paves your business’s way towards a profitable future! Having researched or scanned it beforehand you seem to have an edge over all your digital marketing competitors.

Also, it explains to you what all innovations the market is going ahead with and where will it place your business in the coming days! So, first of all, let’s make an effort to understand the revolution that CIOs need to go through! Today we are going to break down the best 5 Digitech trends for the upcoming year 2020.

Understanding of human interaction with ‘Dig iTech’ 

This can be understood with an instance of a leading online food chain called Dominos. Lately, to improve its customer-friendly approach, it made its website multi-experience interactive. That meant, it was customized for tab users, desktop users, mobile users, speaker users differently.

One could order a meal for him/her through a smart speaker too. This sounds simple but having such innovations and customer-friendly approaches help a lot in raising one’s goodwill among the target audience. It promotes sales as well as improves the public relations of the company and hence making it inevitable from the market.

Hence, customer interaction with brands has completely revolutionized. The enterprises need to take into due consideration the perception of customers towards the word ‘digital’.

So, with that notion, now here we decode 5 DigiTech trends for the upcoming financial year 2020


It conceives within its various devices and gadgets that a customer interacts with on his digital exploration. This is inclusive of tailor-fit apps designed on purpose with special modalities to cater to the needs of the consumer.

It ensures customer traffic on a website regularly. Also, it contributes to unified user experience (UX) across all possible touchpoints. 

Having entered into a new generation of technology, we find the new inventions like voice & gestures in a 3D environment, coexisting with renowned traditions gadgets like cell phones. Any suitable combination out of these can be used to one’s advantage. 

CIOs should be held responsible as lead to take on this innovative journey forward by promoting IT and CX vision. This will help in taking forth the notion of effective digital collaboration between companies to let the aggregate digital experience improve. 

To serve this purpose, the development teams should be made instrumental in designing mobile apps because that’s something that has captured the market in an omnipresent manner! 


The most important factor of consideration to thrive in the market is to design your products according to the special requirements of the target audience. That makes them feel inclusive and hence works wonderfully to fetch your company’s bigger profit margins.

While designing a new product, designers should keep in mind all potential customers. The data sources should be reflective of inclusiveness and should not make the target users feel alienated. 

The upcoming trend called the Internet of Behavior(IOB) will be the aptest for designers and analytics professionals to meet this end. 


This is one of the most renowned trends emerging fast and spreading quickly in the USA, China, and more such developed nations. It aims to make online payment through cards, and cash obsolete, rather a new trend is gaining momentum in the business environment, which is face recognition payment.

It will also take into consideration the increased usage of QR codes. The only drawback it possesses according to critiques is that it calls for a high level of trust between the customers and service provider. Examples-Apple Face ID, etc. 


A fresh paradigm of human interaction with technology is represented through an agent interface. It seems limited but has got vast scope within it as it has revolutionized the very idea of market interaction, whether it is about employees-to tools or enterprises-to customers.

Everywhere, it exhibits a drastic change between machine and human interaction. For instance, one can consider virtual assistants like Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, etc. 

It assists and hence benefits companies in a zillion ways. Having employed chatbots, one no more needs to feed more commands; rather everything gets done by a simple, smooth conversation. Isn’t it amazing??? 

Agent interfaces make artificial intelligence (AI) instrumental to have a fair idea of a customer’s behavioral methods. Based on past actions and conduct of the customer, AI provides apt information to service providers. 

That way it’s the need of the hour for CIOs to fasten their belts lest agent interfaces assume their place in the market! 


The upcoming trend is going to be devoid of on-machine controls as manufacturers are switching that mode to mobile apps. Abandoning the traditional methods and gearing up towards the trendy mobile app development is majorly to widen their target audience reach.

The mobile manufacturing companies, these days provide the customers with larger screens, better resolution, etc. which is making the traditional interface models go obsolete. Not just that this broadens the scope, but also renders the companies unreckonable advantages. 

As interfaceless machines have stepped in the digital market, digital product management has changed just in a jiffy! They present an entirely new lens towards marketing management to the CIOs.

CIOs can take within due consideration the probable extension of e-commercial product management ability towards the digitalized extension of priority products of the organization. 

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