Hectic article submissions, zillions of them making your website rank at the topmost summit is an age-old method of fetching good rank to your website! With Google’s dynamic algorithm changing frequency, nothing remains unobsolete for the current trend in the field of digital marketing. So, in order to rank your website on the first page of Google search results, one needs to get rid of the traditional SEO tools and tactics. Past trends have become a thing of past and the future is yet unseen, so what companies can rely on is environment scanning for successfully running their business! 

So, we are here with your little guide to building a Private Blog Network, and it’s worthiness owing to the latest algorithmic development in 2020:-

So, let’s, first of all, make an effort to understand the term PBN:

PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK:– It is a gamut of blogs, building which can be done using free of cost platforms like WordPress, blogger etc. One can also build it through self hosting as self hosted domains are much more beneficial and qualitative in comparison to the free platforms. The reason for this is that free platforms are built upon sub-domains which are obviously sublunary in their worth as compared to the self-hosted ones. 


The simple and straight answer to this is that PBNs work amazingly! Generally, they are built by people to offer the link to their principle website in order to fetch higher ratings and rankings. That is one sole reason for people building the same. Also, possession of self-owned resources for having links built up, as its own set of advantages. Such advantages are inclusive of-‘ absolute control over one’s backlink profile, changes in links, anchor text changes’. All of these can be done just in a jiffy! 


Having known the need of building PBN, now let’s focus one the steps to build the same-

DOMAIN PURCHASE:- The very first step is inclusive of domain purchase for your PBN. A new domain purchasing is always an option but that will hamper a lot of your time in making it a valuable one in order to have it pass more link weightage. That is the reason why the best way out is to purchase existing domains which already have link profile, PR, DA, etc. Such a domain helps a lot in providing back links to your principal website. Buying an expired domain is a wise consideration, since they possess everything favorable including domain authority. 

But choice of a good domain is one hectic task of its own kind. It takes immense energy on the purchaser’s part to enlist the best domains available and hence to buy them at cost effective deals. Browsing expireddomain.net can be a good solution to this. Abandoned domains are listed on this website, yet choosing a perfect one according to stats requires quite a lot of research! 

DOMAIN HOSTING:- Having brought the domains, hosting them is the next task you got to accomplish. For instance, you have bought 12 domains, now you need to host all of them on distinct C class IP. Because if Google’s manual review catches all 12 links directing towards your principal website hosted on similar C-class IP, then you are caught red-handed, repercussions to which will be a de-indexed blog network! Generally, SEO companies provide such services in which they offer different C-class IP but issue occurs when Google catches plenty of back links coming from one single C-class IP! As many people do this, so Google is well aware of all of it. An escape to such a drawback can be hosting each domain with distinct hosting providers and it would be a wiser consideration if they are from different geographical locations. For instance, A blog-mno hosting company, USA; B blog-XYZ hosting company, India, etc. Having done things in such a safe manner, chances of you being de-indexed by Google are pretty less hence making you run your PBN efficiently. 

BLOG SET-UP:- Done with domains and their respective hosting, now the next task is to set up blogs over it. Without wasting a speck of time delaying, go forth with WordPress blog CMS. Start with blog creation on all the domains you have obtained. Installation of WordPress on your web host is no tedious task. Install it on your Web Space and there you go! https://www.hostgator.com/help/article/how-to-install-wordpress-manually

CONTENT MAXIMIZATION:- Now that you have all your blogs put up and running well, focus on content maximization is required. Try putting as many contents as possible. It’s a strict no towards putting a copied content because plagiarism is one big deal, you can get caught for. Putting up quality and relevant articles is imperative. Creating such a vast content data is a tough deal for one single person. For this purpose, you can consider hiring writers and get quality articles written by them. Keep a check over article length, it should be nowhere less than 500 words. 

BACKLINKS BUILDING:- It may seem funny, but what you are about to do next is build back links for your own PBN, for your own blogs. These links will direct the users to reach your main website. There’s least need to worry as your blogs are built up on expired domains. These expired domains have already got some link profile. So, let the gradual process of link building be in continuation. 

So, here comes the end to your PBN building! Kudos! 

Now, the bigger question hovering around the market is-” Is it worth building a PBN according to the latest development in algorithms “? 

Now, the answer to this question is manifold. The two important requisites to PBN are time and money. Also, it’s quite a risky process with risk involvement like de-indexing and receipt of a manual penalty from Google. Now, below we enlist some points with regard to advantages and disadvantages of the same-

Time-Taking task:- In order to search an expired domain pertaining to your needs, you will have to waste hours checking trust flow, domain authority, etc. And even after this, there’s no assurity of you coming out with a definite and purchase worthy domain. 

Post creation on each PBN:- With each new content published on your principal website, a post creation on each of your PBN is necessary. One may think content spinners can be helpful with this, but no, they merely produce any good quality content! This could lead search engines to your shortcut tricks, and hence catch you accused breaching their terms and conditions. So, beware of it and rest will go effectively. 

Authority building through PBN or Web 2.0:-

Building authority for ranking purpose is something really common with the usage of Web 2.0 or PBN. It’s an easy and preferred way of companies to give themselves a kick start among their cut-throat competitors. For keywords which require back links around 10 or lesser, and even for the ones which require more than 10,you will definitely have an upper hand over your competitors. 

Purchasing PBN links:- With the advent of the latest algorithmic changes, buying PBN links can prove quite a false task to you. People selling PBN links are the same, and sell it to many companies as they are devoid of any morals and ethics in their terms and conditions. So, Google may catch you for not following Google webmaster guidelines and de-index it all for you. 

SEO backlinks building:- Basically, there are two types of backlinks called- Do-follow & No-follow backlinks. A no-follow backlink has become an obsolete one these days in the SEO market with the passage of the least authority back to your website. Whereas do-follow backlinks are a gem for your PBN in today’s SEO run market. With white hat SEO, SEO outreach and other such improvements, PBN is a good choice to generate revenue these days. 

The worthiness of SEO in PBN:- SEO is something, that is never going to go obsolete. Advertising companies can do a lot but for a temporary time period but what SEO does possesses a sense of longevity. If you pay an SEO firm for one blog, then that value continues beyond that one sole project too. But with the advertisement payment, your ranking gets lost once the ads are turned off! 

So, these are some of the points to be kept in mind before channelizing your resources towards PBN according to the latest market algorithmic developments. 

Stay tuned to Seo Designs Pvt. Ltd for more such useful blogs! 

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