Custom domains are the unique addresses directing towards your website. A domain contains three major parts that are the sub-domain, domain name, and domain extension. A sub-domain is basically directing towards your domain, the domain name is the name you select for your website. And domain extension is the extension referring to the website. For example “”, “www.” is sub-domain, “java” is the domain name, and “.com” is the domain extension.

What are the advantages of having a custom domain?

A custom domain is a unique name to your website; it does have certain benefits or advantages over the other domains that are used. Having a custom domain means having different parts of your domain name like sub-domain, domain name, or a TLD which is unique than what is usually used. Like having a sub-domain as “” than or having a TLD i.e. Top level domain i.e. usually “.com”, a unique TLD would be “.service” or “.medical”. The following are the benefits  of having an custom domain in2019:

1. Create relevancy and Increase your Ranking: Every website whether it is related to products or services or blogs wants to rank on the SERP pages on the specific queries and keywords. A domain name which is customized thus has an effect on your ranking. How? For example, I want to work which an NGO, so I look up on internet “NGO in New Delhi”, which website do you think I am most likely to click on, “” or “”. Of course, the second option is more likely to be chosen. Hence it has more chances of click-through and being relevant. This helps you in creating relevancy between the snippet and the actual website. This is exactly what Google looks for. Hence having a custom domain would be effective in your ranking.

2. Get the Professional Look: It is very crucial for a website to have a professional look to it. And a website which does not have a proper URL indicating to them seems to get ignored and discouraged by users leading them to not being ranked on Google. Having a website which has sub-domains like .info and .org seems to have a professional look while they are displaying the services they are offering, rather than just being any other website.

3. Customize your SEO: A website with a custom domain is easier to SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is basically a process of making a webpage rank on a certain query or keyword in the search box on any search engine. Custom Domains are easier to rank on search engines, as they are keyword based. Also, usage of TLDs i.e. Top level domains which basically are the domain extensions related to the niche of the business. Like .medical, .service or .website makes it easier to S.E.O. for certain website to get rank as Google knows that they belong to that query. For example, a “.medical” has chances to rank on a medical query as much as .com but even more in some cases. Though there are minor chances of this. But it also means that having a unique TLD would not have any less of an effect than a “.com”.

4. Easy to Advertise: Google ad sense does not approve to the websites with a sub-domain for advertisement. The first step to have your website approved by Ad sense is to purchase a custom domain which is basically a good option to have in the long run. A custom domain helps you in creating a space for your website where you can do affiliate marketing with selling your own services and products. Having a website having a custom domain ad on the SERP is also helpful, while your add is posted as it is something more unique and creates an impact on the minds of visitors.

5. Improve your Alexa Ranking: Alexa is the top most important matrix for your website. It analyses your website based on various factors which are important for its functioning and ranking. Having a custom domain makes your website more trustable and reliable than other websites. Researches shows how having a custom domain name does affect your Alexa ranking as it may have keyword- rich domain name.

Why have a TLD in custom extension? Is choosing a “.com” better than other TLD?

A TLD is a Top-level Domain that is the root zone in the Domain Name System used by the Internet. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Network that regulars the IANA-Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and the root zone for DNS. An update by ICANN in 2012 led to the creation of generic TLDs which can or cannot b related to the services provided or the purpose of the website directly. IANA maintains the listing of the new proposed TLD’s and approval of the usage of those TLD’s as well.

You can find the whole List of New Generic Top-level Domains on Wikipedia.

With such a list Google has puts the approval on the usage of the gTLDs (general Top-Level Domains), as it specifies a certain business now. Like “.attorney” or “.lawyer” means you are Lawyer. This does enhance the user experience by providing them with what they are looking for.

A “.com” TLD or top-level domain is one of the most commonly used TLD on the internet. It is preferred by most of the websites and hence it has become an integral part of the user’s search psychology. Most of the users might look for a .com after your brand name to find your brand online but it is not purely true to some extent. For example, People might look up to a website having TLD “.website” or “.net” if they are looking for example: “Best SEO company in Delhi” in the search result. So there is a result to what the user is searching and hence he is more likely to get satisfied.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are custom domain easy to discover?

 As a surfer exploring through the internet, you are more likely to absorb and remember a unique custom URL. A unique domain extension like .services, .website, .dental, .medical actually helps the user to get an idea about what the website is about. Like Seo Designs, the best digital marketing company in Delhi has a custom domain with TLD “.website” which does is unique and creates an impact on users.

2. Does having a custom domain makes it is easy to remember than a name domain?

Answer: A custom domain is different than a normal domain and hence it creates a special space in the minds of the user. So definitely yes a custom domain is easy to remember. For example, is a famous website which is remembered by the users as it is.

3. Is a custom domain search engine friendly?

Answer: A custom domain name which is selected keeping the target keyword in mind does results in more click through and higher rankings. It is not wrong to say that some TLDs like .com,.net and .org are preferred by Google as well the users over the other TLDs like .biz or .info. This states that the custom domain can be made search engine friendly by choosing the right TLD.

4. How does custom domain help you in improving your Google page rank?

Answer: Custom domain definitely helps you increasing your pages rank on SERP if your custom domain is more keyword focused or location focused. It increases its chance to rank on SERP and have more clicks. But to ensure that is not you have to have good content on your website as well to gain Google’s trust. A custom domain is always preferred by Google over the sub-domains as custom domains are more trustable and credible.

5. What is the difference between a sub-domain and custom domain in terms of

•  Advertising: With a custom domain your website looks more professional than a domain having a sub-domain attached to it. If your website or blog has a custom domain, it gets more of a trust factor attached to it. Hence, having a custom domain is useful when it comes to advertising from different platforms.

• Technicality: In some cases by a custom domain with a special domain extension can have some differences than a normal domain. The only technical problem a custom domain with TLD, some websites are unable to identify TLDs, though there are only a few of those websites.

• Google Ad sense Approval: Google ad sense never approves the sub-domain especially a WordPress. Hence it is very difficult to monetize your website without a custom domain.

6. Does it improve Alexa Ranking?

Answer: Alexa is a very essential matrix for your website. An Alexa ranking is preferred by the other businesses before having you to associate with your brand. Alexa analysis your website and ranks your website on the bases of traffic and engagement through its tools. While Alexa ranking is a deal maker or breaker, custom domains do help in increasing Alexa rank.

7. Can we create a custom professional email address?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely create a professional email address for your business by simply purchasing a custom domain and its email id at the time of its registration. Having a professional e-mail is very important for any business website.

8. With EMD update, is custom domain still applicable?

Answer: With EMB update, a strong argument was raised against the custom domains. EMD i.e. Exact Match Domain Update was established against the low-quality websites which are able to rank because they have keywords in them. Hence having a website with quality content makes your keyword rich domain more useful than ever.

Tips to keep in mind before selecting a Custom Domain in 2019

1. Simple & To the point: Try avoiding complex words which may have the same pronunciations. For example Express can start from Ex and X. Use simple words in your domain name. A difficult domain name is not only difficult to pronounce but also difficult to remember.

2. Keep it short: A domain is an address to your website. A short domain is easy to remember for you and your users. Always choose a domain name which is not being easy to read, so that the user can know what the domain wants to say and deliver. A short domain name is easy to type and the user might want to search it later if it is looking for some information or query. Hence a short keyword will be helpful in the long term as well.

3. Keyword Rich Domain: A keyword rich domain means adding your target keyword into your domain name. Your target keyword is usually related to the services you are providing, hence you get higher chances to rank on SERP for those keyword related queries on Google.

4. Choose business related TLD: Use a TLD which is related to the purpose of your business. A TLD related to your business will have not only to make your domain unique but also helps in specifying to the user what to expect from the website. The more specific your domain is, the easier to understand it will be for an end user.

5. Relevancy: Choosing a domain name is a difficult task with a lot of brainstorming and time involved. But it should never be something that is off-topic to your website. A relevant custom domain is a domain that is related to the topic that your website and blog are about. It is only an exception if you are a brand and has its own brand trust and credibility.

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