What are the LSI keywords?

LSI is an acronym of Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. LSI keywords are similar words that are commonly found together within a single topic and which are semantically related to each other. In a nutshell, these are the keywords that we are generally find related to the main keyword.

LSI keywords help you to increase your organic search engine traffic and improve your rank. LSI keywords are usually the highlighted words in search result descriptions and are considered the most relevant to the original keywords.

What are the uses of LSI keywords in the description?

A good meta description is very helpful to SEO. Use your main keywords and an LSI keywords phrase in your description and google will give you priority. Google’s algorithm will rate your content as more relevant to the keyword and if you use LSI keywords as helpers, it’s resulting in more relevant results. Your search engine results will improve and rank gets higher as well. 

What is LSI in SEO? 

LSI keywords can be used to increase traffic and create more visibility and a higher rank in search engines. LSI SEO is a method of optimizing on-page content of a webpage for the specific query. Using LSI in your content helps search engines to understand the exact topic. It also improves your chances to rank for high volume keywords that are semantically common to your search query. 

Why is LSI research important for On-page? 

When content creators write an article, their total focus is on main head keywords and the associated long-tail keywords. LSI makes it easy for a search engine to figure out how relevant and natural a piece of content is based on whether enough LSI keywords show up. If enough LSI keywords are not present, the content looks unnatural and of poor quality.

Difference between LSI keywords and Long tail keywords.

LSI are semantically related words to the users’ query, these are words or phrases which are related to each other while Long-tail keywords are lengthened keywords related to users’ searches with How, Top, What, Why which they often use while searching. Using long-tail Keywords in an optimized Website provides high ranking for those keywords and will boost traffics while using LSI keyword help search engine to know about the page content.

Where to find LSI keywords?

Here are some tools to find LSI keywords:

  • Google search
  • Keys4up
  • Twinword Ideas LSI Graph
  • LSI Graph
  • Niche Laboratory
  • Twinword SEO Plugin
  • Semantic Link
  • LSI Keywords
  • Ultimate Keyword Hunter
  • Answer The Public
  • Keyword Tool 
  • KW Finder

Use of LSI keywords to boost SEO traffic?

Sprinkle them throughout the body of the content, as much as it looks natural and appropriate. Some of your LSI keywords are synonyms of the main keywords.           

Here are some main places where you can put LSI keywords: 

  • Page title
  • H1 and H2 tags 
  • URL address 
  • The first paragraph of text
  • Last paragraph of text
  • Images alt text 
  • Links anchor text

The use of LSI keywords can bring old content to the top as well as improve the ranking and search results of new content. It’s a method that Google and other search engines use to study and compare the relationship between different terms and concepts.