Nothing sounds more official than Twitter as a social media site. Before you finish reading the word “Use Twitter analytics” and doze off, stay with me; this is very important for your business. Your Twitter analytics is the secret to unleashing your social media growth eventuality.

Keep reading the article to find out what your follower wants, identify your best-performing Tweets and unleash the crucial keenness that will help you upgrade your social media marketing strategy. This complete companion to Twitter analytics will teach you the essential Twitter criteria to track your Twitter analytics.
In this article, we are going to cover these particular questions.

  • Why should you track Twitter analytics?
  • What five tools will save you time and speed up your growth? 
  • What are Twitter analytics and the benefits associated with them? 
  • How the heck does indeed use Twitter Analytics and table of contents? 
  • How to check your Twitter analytics? 
  • What are the eleven Twitter criteria to track stylish results? 
  • What are the four must-have Twitter analytics tools? 

Let’s get started by answering the most basic question. Twitter Analytics allows you to track and view crucial criteria, like follower gain/ loss, prints, engagement rate, and retweets. The tool has been around since 2014 and is available to all Twitter druggies, including particular and business accounts. Using Twitter Analytics for business helps you make data-driven opinions about your social media strategy. Armed with data, you can optimize your Twitter juggernauts to get better results and further followers without guessing whether your plan will work. 

The main benefits of using Twitter Analytics are :

The use of Twitter analytics helps you learn what your followers want. Through Twitter analytics, you will find precious followership perceptivity that will let you know what your followers respond to the most. It can be text posts, prints, videotapes, and gifs.

With data, you can know what type of content will be a megahit and what will miss the mark. If you want to track your growth, ditch your spreadsheets and leave the calculation upto Twitter analytics. Track your follower gain or loss per month and see growth trends. Having analytics data lets you know what types of content are getting you new followers or turning people down. 

It helps you figure out the stylish time to post. Whenever you meet a friend for a regale, the first question they ask isn’t how you are. They ask you, “What’s the stylish time to post on Twitter?” OK, not really. But that’s what you want to know. The secret is that there’s no perfect time for everyone. It depends on when your followers are online, and if they gauge multiple time zones, you can tell when your Tweets are getting the highest engagement with Twitter analytics. Don’t stress much about it; a report states that 42% of American druggies check Twitter once daily, and 25% check it several times daily. 

Want the easy answer? Alright, the stylish time to post is 8 am on Mondays and Thursdays. Happy now? But, What exactly can you track with Twitter analytics? Dashboard runner is what you see when you first navigate to Twitter analytics. It shows you a yearly overview of your top stats, including your :

Top Tweet( by number of prints)
Top citation( by engagements)
Top media Tweet( bones that include an image or videotape)
Total follower( the person with the most followers who started following you in the current month)

It also has a summary of your exertion in that month. There are some Twitter criteria to track for stylish results. Some of these will be more important to you than others, but generally speaking, you should watch these 11 Twitter analytics criteria. The criteria include the following:

Twitter hashtag analytics print

Prints tell you if people find your content compelling. Occasionally, getting high prints can be due to the hashtag( s) you use, so play around with different bones to find what works best.

Top tweet

In the use Twitter analytics dashboard, Twitter will show your most popular Tweet for each month( or other date range named). You can also find your Tweets with their engagement rate on the Tweets runner. You must be wondering how it matters. But this is what your followership is responding to the most. You can try posting similar tweets.

What is the number of views your Tweet entered, and Why does it matter?   

Well, it tells you how many eyeballs are there on your content. The number of views per tweet, combined with your engagements, gives you an engagement rate for each Tweet and your overall account. It gives you a yearly performance overview and the 28- day summary of your Twitter account on the homepage of your Twitter Analytics dashboard. Your overview of annual performance will help you gauge your performance and determine your growth every month. The yearly overview will show you a high-position view of your account’s performance. On the left wing, you will see your tweet highlights, which include the following:

  • Top tweet and the tweet that entered the loftiest number of prints
  • Top citation and the tweet that mentioned your @handle. Top tweets can include other people’s tweets as well.
  • Top follower and the account with the loftiest follower count that followed you in the month.
  • Top media tweet and the tweet with a print or videotape that entered the loftiest number of prints.
  • Top card tweet (if you use card tweets) and the tweet with a Twitter Card that entered the loftiest number of prints. Full card tweets can also include other people’s tweets.

There are many ways you can use people’s perceptions. Reshare the top tweet and top media tweet the following month with a new caption and full citation. Reach out to the Top follower, thank the person for following, and start a discussion. These figures are significant for reporting. Twitter streamlines analytics data in real-time, so you’ll have accurate data up to the current day of the month.

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