What is Chatbot?

Live Chat Box for Website is a robot that makes customers feel like they are talking to a human, not a robot. It is a new way to interact with your website visitors. Usually, the viewers initiate a chat request by clicking an icon on your website. The chat button can be positioned anywhere on your site for the queries of customers.

Live Chatbot can be used for prospective customers to help them with their decision of buying a product or for current customers who need support with a product they have already bought.

Many large websites have started to offer a live chatbox for the convenience of customers. But live chatbox for website systems are not only suitable for the big, but small and medium-sized businesses alike have also started to realize the added benefits live chatbot support can bring to their websites.

You don’t need a marketing expert to know that quality customer service plays a crucial role in business. Your customers are the ones who spread the word about you to another, it will help you to increase the number of customers and help grow your customer base.

Many eCommerce websites have been adding live chatbox to their help desk software to provide real-time answers rather than having customers leave their websites. 

Real-time chatting with customers not only builds customer’s confidence during their shopping experience but also helps to improve your conversion rates. According to a survey of American online consumers, 69% engage in live chat. In India, only the best Website Designing Company in Delhi is providing the chatbot support to get more traffic. 

Benefits of Chatbot

Live Chatbot Support Saves Money: Live chatbot for the website is cost-efficient because of three main reasons:

  • It increases efficiency by allowing live chat agents handle multiple chats simultaneously, thus you don’t need to hire more agents. Intelligent live chat software gives multiple options for chat distribution and utilization.
  • It increases the average order value since customers get realtime advice and answers to any questions instantly, they might have. It saves return expenses on the product as a live chat representative can help you pick the right product or service, which suits the customer best, thus he or she will be satisfied with it and won’t need to return it.
  • It reduces overall helpdesk center costs by lowering the waiting queue time when compared to a call center.

Build long-term relationships with customers: Satisfied, long-term customers are statistically less likely to switch to another brand. Although they tend to be less price-sensitive, they become habitual of quality over price. Experts say that customers who feel taken care of are less concerned about what they are paying. Live chat also creates a kind of trust with customers.

63% of customers who‘ve used chatbox online tend to come back to you because, When customers feel their voice is heard and they chat with a person behind the company, it’s more likely that they’ll have a stronger bond to your business and share their positive experience.

Live chat increases conversions and sales: Because you can answer any objections or concerns immediately, live chat helps to increase conversions and sales. 

Customers who chat are three times more likely to buy: The same study concluded that customers who use a website’s live chat function are three times more likely to purchase that site’s products or services than customers who don’t use the chat function.

Live chat improves customer satisfaction levels: Nearly 92 percent of customers find live chat useful. Just seeing the chat button and knowing that chat is an option inspires confidence in customers. When you offer live chat option to your customers, you’re providing an opportunity for a two-way conversation. You’re no longer just lecturing or preaching to your customers about the benefits of your product; you’re sharing ideas and also satisfy your customers according to their needs.

Live chat lowers customer service costs and increases customer service efficiencies: Not only is the initial chat program easy to set up and easy for your customer service team to learn, but the cost per transaction with chat is significantly lower than the cost of other (less effective) communication ways, such as a call center or a social media community. Besides, with chat, one customer service person can interact with multiple customers simultaneously (up to four or five persons) while still offering “one on one” service. This decreases your staffing needs and improves efficiency dramatically.

Chat Transcripts and Analytics can be used to measure and improve interactions with website viewers and Customers: By reviewing the questions and concerns that potential customers raise via live chat, you can hone your website to better address, thus you are improving your customer service.

Live Chat can provide a Competitive Advantage: Customers prefer to live chat with other communication methods, such as email or social media. That means that offering live chat can give you an advantage over your competitors’ sites that lack such an option.

Difference between Embedded Chat Window and Pop Up Chat Window

There are two types of chat windows available which Provide Support Live Chat provider – embedded and pop up chat windows. 

Let’s see, what is the difference and what kind of chat window is better?

  • An embedded chat window opens right on the page where the chat button has been clicked and does not prevent your visitor from seeing website content.
  • Provide Support chat window does not consume much traffic as it starts loading content from the server only after your visitor has clicked the live chat icon. Thus the chat button does not affect your website performance positively.
  • While chatting a visitor can minimize embedded chat windows and continue browsing your website. A conversation will load once the visitor opens the chat window again, nothing will be lost.
  • Pop up chat window opens in a new window. Each time a visitor wants to chat with an operator they need to switch the chat window from one to another. On mobile devices, such a window will load in a separate tab. Such behavior may confuse the visitor and will be directed to a different web interface for chatting. However, such type of chat window can be added to your email signature and will load in a browser tab after your visitor clicks a chat link or chat button in your email.

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