Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. Where you can never stop learning, it is crucial to understand different aspects related to digital marketing like social media or updates or anything else are constantly growing and developing. Hence I am sharing with you top digital marketing trends that will help you in upping your digital marketing game.

Top Digital Marketing Trends

  1. Show your brand on Amazon: Yes. First on the list of Top digital marketing trend is Amazon is a great website with billions of products just one click away. But now you can not only sell your products but also your services on Amazon. You can go up on the Amazon Services to sell your services. You can sell your eBooks or courses that you provide. Once you a organic traffic generated it might become easy for you to make your brand big. You can offer a full digital marketing course or maybe Facebook and Instagram ads marketing course or anything else that you want to sell.
  2. Make use of yourself as a brand. When it comes to marketing it has become important to not just interact as a business but connect to people through your personal social media accounts. Posting the interesting updates on your Facebook and Instagram is a top digital marketing trend can attract a whole lot of audience who can become your product or service’s prospective buyer. Hence it’s important to connect when you can. That’s the most organic way you can have the traffic to your Facebook page and then to your website. The traffic is the one who highly targeted. This will not only help you today but it will be beneficial in the future Facebook ads campaigns because you can do E-mail listing of those buyers who contacted you in your custom audience.
  3. Video ads: Video ads are something which is an important part of the best digital marketing trends. It is important for your marketing through videos t0o have an impact in the shortest period of time say first 5-10 seconds. Because these are usually mostly seen on YouTube. YouTube ads are of many types but the ones which are mostly seen are 10 seconds skippable ads which means that if your ad is unable to make it through the minds of the audience and engage them in10 seconds your call to action to visit your website will not b seen by the user. But if you able to engage the users there are very fewer chances that it won’t work. Make sure your video is short, crisp and engaging.
  4. Re-organize your Instagram: When you become digital marketer it’s important to choose a niche. And it is more important to select a niche that you have complete interest in. It is like starting a company, you won’t invest in something which you don’t know about. So you have started with a particular niche say lifestyle, fashion or travel. You have to make sure that the supportive social media accounts are having the content related to same niche only and thus it a part of Top digital marketing trends to follow in 2019. So in an upcoming year make sure you have organized an amazing Instagram account to generate organic traffic.

Latest Tips For Digital Marketing

  1. The trend of a tag: Yes while we are latest tips for digital marketing how can we not have a look at my favorite tag of all times, i.e. Hashtags are the major part of being able to get organic traffic on social media platforms. The more your social media presence is the more you as a brand are going to become successful. Using consistent hashtags along with posts on your Instagram may help you receive a lot of organic traffic. Using an automation software can help you generate a lot of following on Instagram which is very important.
  2. Understand the power Voice search: With the introduction of the latest gadget like Google Home, it has become clear that voice searches are playing a major role in Google. And soi s this latest tip for digital marketing. It’s important that as a digital marketer the language you choose the keywords, you choose their language which is very easy, common and to-the-top. The voice search is technology is growing and improving. When someone voice searches the amount of website that Google shows up in SERP is limited or way less than the normal text search, so it’s important to understand that relevance plays an important role here. So that your website has more chances to get to the answers of Google query by the user and also get ranked.

Best Digital Marketing Trends

  1. Influencer Marketing: Well influencer marketing is becoming famous at a growing rate in India. Every human can now become a celebrity through their social media and YouTube. Of course, it has made its position in the list of best digital marketing trends for 2019 When you become a YouTube Influencer or an Instagram Influencer you become a brand because you can connect to a lot of people at a very less time duration. So if you are digital marketer you have to make sure that you are either of the two sides i.e either you are becoming an influencer with a lot of people following you, or you are a brand that uses these influencers to market its product or services.
  2. Video Marketing: Video marketing is a different topic than video ads. When I say video marketing that means sharing your thoughts and views about some topic or your business in a video on YouTube. You can also call it as vlogging. Video marketing can be of different niche as well, it can be related to your lifestyle, food, travel, and information related to any other field as well.

Latest Digital Marketing Updates

  1. Rank Brain: Rank Brain is machine learning artificial intelligence that works with long trail keywords and creates the queries that are never seen before. It is said to major factor in deciding the rank of your website in the SERPs, and latest digital marketing updates What it does is that it makes the connection between a new word it sees and tries to make sense of it and find the results related to that query. It currently works with the long tail keywords that mean you have to at least one long tail keyword in your post. But as I said it creates new queries so make sure whatever you can use synonyms related to that topic or keyword.
  2. Google Mobile friendly update” launched in April 2015, this update focuses majorly on making the website mobile friendly and easily available on search result pages on your mobile phone.


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