While 2019 exploded with mobile searches being a hot topic for search engines. It cannot be ignored that to promote your website besides redesigning and making it mobile friendly to rank on Google searches.  Social media is another side of the coin. With almost every individual from all around the world having an online presence on Social media, the small business can grow more with help of social media marketing tips for business in 2019. Social media marketing companies that right time step in and make it easier for people to manage their social media handles.

Social media is a trend social media marketing is what is making the business grow. Today with mobiles becoming the core of searching, social media presence is a topic which can’t be ignored in this day and age to earn traffic for your website with social media marketing tips for business in 2019

Here are the top Social media marketing tips for small business

  1. Micro Influencers: Influencer marketing has found its roots n social media now, More than 90% of people would choose an influencer marketers social media post over traditional advertisements on TV. Social media marketing companies in Delhi have understood the importance of emerging micro influencers, who are not as expensive as the big influencers present but also serves to the purpose of earning more sales to your business. The social media marketing tips for small business would be to focus on choosing these budding influencers with more than 30k followers and those who are active to participate in the social media presence.


  1. Get engagement Early on: A social media post is waste if it is not recognized right on from the moments it is posted or within half an hour of posting it. With Instagram as a social media platform especially you cannot waste a single second, as the content is so much that your post would have very less chance to appear again on the mobile screens of the people. A simple social media marketing tips for small business would be to make sure you have the support of a good social media marketing companies in Delhi which is focusing on making your social media posts more engaging with their experts.


  1. Stories Period End of Sentence: While stories is a feature which is now a part of every social media that people have access to from Instagram to Facebook, Whatsapp, and even Youtube. Social media marketing companies in Delhi believe that it still earns a major appreciation from the Instagram side of it. The Instagram stories are becoming so important from the perspective of influencer marketing to paid advertisements to even the official accounts posting it. Social media marking tips for business in 2019 would be to be active on social media stories and never underestimate this feature as it might make your website earn more or become the best promotional tool ever for your product.
  2. Knowing the Algorithms: Planning social media strategies for business growth without having cracked down the algorithms is like making a jump into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. So being proactive and knowing how a social media performs helps you perform better. And if it seems to be a challenge, follow the social media marketing tips for business in 2019 and know how to handle your social media with the experts’ knowledge. Social media marketing companies for small business gets you out of this mess of learning about the details and jargons by providing their expertise.
  3. Engineering your marketing: While getting information for free is something that interests everybody, this can be used as a tool t access and engage more audience on your social media and help them get something in return a part of your marketing strategy. Quizzes are something that makes this process actually possible, best social media marketing companies in Delhi are focusing on creating quizzes as a part of social media accounts to encourage lead generation.
  4. Start the conversation: Social media is the key to unlock the door to great potential customers. While to actually get these customers you need to understand them and stay connected to them. Social media provides you a chance to stay connected, so why not utilize it. Social media marketing companies in Delhi believe in being interactive with your audience while posting a post on social media, making them stop for a moment from there scrolling, to respond to your query. Remember increased engagements = Increased potential customers.
  5. Video content: Well, a photo might be equivalent to a thousand words but it can never beat a video in today’s era of mobile first and video marketing trends. A social media platform has tons of video content which receives more engagement than a normal picture because the users are curious for more explained data which is offered in less time period. Creating video content sounds amazing but it might not be the best option for the small businesses, which are low on budget. Social media marketing tips for business in 2019 would be to use video content on your website
  6. Real-time triggers: It is quite established that social media is a platform which runs on the world of instant. While triggers are basically why a user would engage in a post, from liking it to commenting on it or even sharing it. Real-time events affect the minds of the people and social media is the first place you go for updates today. Then why not use this important fact to make sure that your post engagements are high by making sure that posts have creatively referred to the real-time events in relation to show your products in the right light. Best Social media companies focuses on creating stuff that is result of their expertise and creativity t increase engagements for small business.

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