Business, something that’s quite easy to start but tough enough to know the best-suited strategies to take it further in the corporate industry! But, we at SEO Designs have got it all decoded for you to thrive successfully in the year 2020. Here we go!

push and pull marketing

Push and Pull Marketing:

These two are majorly two different ways that businesses use for reaching out to their customers the best. Push marketing is mainly about your business getting exposed to a certain specific set of audience for a particular type of product.

While the pull marketing is related to strict adherence and implementation of a certain strategy that fetches your company loyal and long run, customers. Examples of push and pull marketing are social media as well as Google, Yahoo, etc respectively.

A closer glance:-

Okay, so before we come to a conclusion about their usage, let’s move ahead with drawing out a little info on their advantages and disadvantages.

Push marketing: In this, you try to attract your customers towards your product, whether in terms of goods or services. As is the name suggestive of the concept, it’s about pushing your product on your respective customers.

So, it follows the seller philosophy of marketing. Generally, businesses use push marketing in the following cases-

  1. New product launch
  2. Niche market operation

In both of the above-stated circumstances, you need to have access to your target audience with a rigorous push marketing approach. For instance, if you have come up in the market with a smart sofa and no one knows about it,

so before you move ahead with having it established in the market, you definitely need to make your customers know about it.

That’s where push marketing comes to the scene. To let your potential customers make aware of the same, you use push marketing strategy to venture within their territory of utility.

Pull marketing: It is a little distinct from what push marketing is. In this, your customers are already aware of their needs and wants. Also, you don’t need to tell them the benefits of your product renders rather they tend to search it for themselves.

So, basically it targets a well informed set of potential customers. Owing to this strategy, the user has a course of pre-engagement much before becoming a customer to your company. For instance, car dealers, doctors, tailor etc online.

So, now it’s time we ponder upon the fact as to when do businesses use pull marketing approach-

  1. When the user is well informed about his/her needs.
  2. When branding takes the first seat.


Okay, so since we are turning pages on push and pull marketing approach, it’s imperative to know which one among these is going good with businesses in the year 2020!

So, let’s go ahead!

These two approaches have their own set of pros and cons. Owing to the notion of traditionalism, many companies went on to opt for a push model approach. But after the advent of digital marketing in the realm, pull model has appealed to every tech-SME more than anything else.

Leaping from a push to pull strategy can be the best thing you will choose for your business. While the former gives an impression of being cost and quality effective at first, but is not as good as the latter one when assessed for a long term deal.

So, here are some of the major reasons why the market is turning towards pull marketing strategy instead of push strategy for the coming year 2020:-

Venturing with a new product at first may drive you conveniently towards the push marketing deal. It appears to be the most perfect choice ever at first. Talking about results and responses, it is an effective choice owing to that too.

Also, it is amazingly affordable in the short term. And according to experts, push marketing is one of the best solutions to a market newbie. In order to have your potential customers acquainted with your brand name, it works well.

But what about the long term stuff? Of course, business philosophy is inclusive of the idea that you are never going to shut it down. And therefore most of us go with planning it for a long term.

But if we do plan it for long term, why choose our marketing strategies for the short term? So, for a long term result, a pull marketing method is going to do wonders for you. Having had its absolute focus on the customers, it tries to build demand for your potential customers.

It is comprised of educating your customers about the solutions to their problems and hence drawing them towards the brand. And of course, in this process you get to know your customer better thereby paving your path for a long term relationship of trade with them.

The most impressive part about pull marketing is that it builds an inevitable market value linked with customer satisfaction for your brand. Brand loyalty is the biggest concern for such a marketing approach.

It is inclusive of techniques like SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing etc. Tech SMEs are predominantly of the view that using pull marketing approach gives you a continuous response in terms of brand growth.


Okay, so having acknowledged our readers about both of these strategies, now let’s move on to analyzing why they are best suited for a business when used together.

The main motive behind the same is to attract your customers on different channels and hence enhance your conversion. This is also famously known as Omnichannel marketing practice.

To come to terms with your decision about which one of the two your company needs and in what proportion, you need to jot down a few things first-


  1. What is the product you are aiming to sell/offer? (A product is inclusive of services too)
  2. Is it an absolutely new product in the market? Is it a revolutionary product?


  1. One time product or seasonal promotion product?
  2. Limited offer type?
  3. Time sensitive type of promotion product?


  1. Potential customers?
  2. Potential customer’s most frequently visited website?
  3. Potential customer’s most frequently operated social media?
  4. What stage of life makes them want my product?
  5. How to make them acknowledge their problems which further is solved by purchasing my product?


  1. How much money can I allocate for the brand promotion period and for what duration?
  2. Do we possess a team of experts who have enough expertise to draft put the effect content for brand promotion?
  3. Do we have a well established digital marketing expert to deal with all the intricacies of brand promotion?

If you have a team with expertise that makes you able enough to answer all these questions, then you have got it all on track. Your product will be found on all the channels which will establish it in the market quite well.

Conclusion: There’s no denial to the fact that push marketing is imperative for a newcomer in the market but at the same time when it’s about a long term strategy, pull marketing has no turning back!

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