Top Must have new features for e-commerce websites

While the search is changing and so is how you do your SEO for a website it is very important to be updated with the latest trends and new features for e-commerce websites. The top website designing companies in Delhi has always worked forward knowing what are the best trends and new features that will get your website ranking high and help it achieve more traffic and indeed more online sales. For every e-commerce website, there are various elements which included cart, order, and payment. A website designing company in Delhi cannot miss on any of them and also comply with the changes happening in the online search world.

Know these 7  must have new features for your e-commerce websites by the Website Designing Companies in Delhi

  1. Automation Marketing: E-commerce always aims to earn more sales by reaching as many prospects as possible, keeping them updated for re marketing and making sure that which is the best way to retain them and increase their brand loyalty with your website. And while you can do all of this through the very important and effective e-mail marketing, why not make it automated? Automated marketing, in the very literal sense, is the way in which email marketing is being performed with the help of automation. Add automation feature with the best website designing company in Delhi and be able to perform the following:
  • You can send customized e-mails to the customers or prospects.
  • Displaying the user of the product has searched through user history for better remarketing
  1. Responsive Designs: It’s the time to be mobile friendly and conquer the world of this latest trend called “Mobile search”. Mobile Searches are not only gaining the most talks but also a trend which is taking no time in settling into the minds of website designing company in Delhi to be applied an worked on. So as various website designing companies in Delhi would say and act “Go responsive or Go Home”.Without being responsive, any web project cannot sustain or last. While being responsive to mobile interface, helps you get indexed faster and easier it increases your chances to become favorite e-commerce websites that user may come back to. Providing smooth transitions through the interface of an e-commerce website, whether its cart or orders or the payment gateway, you can make sure the user experience is best on mobiles for your website.
  1. Grid layout: The major e-commerce websites have already started including these Grid designs because they know what the user is looking for. What are users actually looking for? Users want to have what they are looking for easily and quickly.Website designing companies in Delhi have noticed how huge e-commerce sites have already adopted this Grid layout to provide a better user experience. Grids help in smart and fast shopping, they do go along with the basic USP of e-commerce websites i.e. to save time. Having organized and structured products in verticle or horizontal alignments give helps the user to see different products at the same time. Best website designing company in Delhi uses “Grid layouts” in product categories, image galleries, portfolios etc.
  1. Hamburger menus: Well, these menus may not be tasty as a real hamburger but that is also not what is meant by this name. A hamburger consists of various layers and that’s what you need in an e-commerce website’s menu. These menus are easy to hide or cover with a button when not in use and are helpful when user wants to navigate to a new page on the website. The”hamburger button” is usually placed in the top left corner of the website by website designing companies in Delhi.These hamburger menus are a part of e-commerce websites. Being,  best website designing company in Delhi, it is believed that these menus are very much essential to gain the interest and attention of the user and help them have a better user experience. Why should you have it as a new feature of our website? Top website designing company in Delhi believes, it affects a website’s whole interface, and give it a clean and easy to use look and feel. Especially for mobile indexing, these hamburger menus make your website more compatible for the mobile interface as there is no space to have a full menu always in front of users on their mobile screens along with the main page they have visited.
  1. Voice Search: Your voice now controls your search. A website design which is responsive to the voice searches would act as a big plus to be able to be in front of the people who are looking for you through voice searches.

The number of people using mobile searches is increasing and how.

While the fact is mobile searches and voice searches have increased and supported each other. More than 70% of the mobile searches are voice searches, people are looking for answers to their complicated queries. Being an e-commerce website, if it is having what the user is searching for, all you need is to be ready for catering to them with help of Top website designing company in Delhi. Basically, you now know where the audience is all you need is how quickly you are ready to cater them with your e-commerce website.

  1. Artificial intelligence: Machines are learning to make sure they know what humans want and need. While the world of the internet is so diverse and so many websites and web page are getting indexed on the web, it is merely possible for the machines to handle these websites. The search engines are using artificial intelligence or machine learning to understand what people want. To make it big in this industry of online selling, a website designing company in Delhi would often come across with the trends that were not expected and as many leading and best website designing companies in Delhi would say artificial intelligence is going to be a huge factor in deciding that.


  1. CTA Buttons: “Stimulation is the key”. Want to make sure that your user is doing what you actually want them to do, either directly or indirectly. Using CTA or call to action as a guide to make sure you can do that. Whether it’s a “BUY NOW” or “50% OFF” or “LIMITED STOCKS”, a top website designing company in Delhi would only want to make the users do what you want them to do i.e. to engage them into buying more. Best website designing company in Delhi would be using the CTA buttons as a part of their website designs to make the website more interactive and stimulating for the user.

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