How to create a PBN?

PBN or private blog network is a network of blogging websites which is formed to increase the traffic to your main website. A private blog network includes different tiers of websites with good authority that are created and maintained to increase traffic to your main website.
To create a private blog network you have to understand the various terms related to PBN and their use.
There are usually three tiers in a private blog network i.e. Tier 1 Tier 2 and Tier 3.
Money Website: A money website is the main website through which you can earn money through increased traffic.

Tier 1 Websites: Tier 1 websites are the website that directly links to your websites.
Tier 2 Websites: These are the websites that link to the Tier 1 websites.
Tier 3 Websites: These are the websites that link to the tier 2 websites.
Now, the process of creating a private blog network includes creating a couple or more of tier 1 websites that will link to your website. These website usually are the expired domains that have good authority. These websites are related to your niche and they are maintained like a real website to make sure that they have a good authority which helps your main website have quality backlinks. To increase rankings of the tier 1 websites, backlinks are created directing towards then with tier 2 websites and then tier 3 websites directly to the tier 3.

What is the role of PBN in SEO?

As we know that PBN is a network of websites that are linking towards our main websites, the major role of PBN in SEO is that it provide quality backlinks to the main website.
PBN is a great way to increase your traffic and you have control over your backlinks to the money website, you can control the amount, frequency and consistency of links directing towards your website. The private blog network is something that makes the chances of increasing your website rank online organically.
You can visit our detailed blog to learn more benefits of the role of PBN in SEO and understand the importance of PBN for your website.

PBN Clustering

A cluster is basically the link of private blog network sites (PBNS) that are together. For example, you have 6 PBN sites in Tier 1 and you have 3 money sites, now is a cluster of 2 sites each say Cluster 1(PBNS1 & PBNS2), Cluster 2( PBNS3 & PBNS4) and Cluster 3 (PBNS5 & PBNS6).
Now if the cluster one is only aiming at money site 1 and cluster 2 is aiming at money site 2 and cluster 3 is aiming at money site 3, there are chances that this network will get caught by Google and get blocked. Hence it is important to make sure that PBN clustering is done where each cluster is aiming at different money websites so avoid the direct relation to only one. Like PBNS1 is aiming at money site 1 and PBNS2 is aiming at money site 3. This is surely going to be a safe option to avoid getting caught since it is a black-hat SEO activity.
It is very important to make sure that your website is not getting all the links from one cluster of private blog network websites.

Is PBN Illegal?

There are various types of SEO that are performed to make your website more visible and achieve more traffic. Using the wrong ways to performed SO is known as Black hat SEO which is illegal and unethical. Now, the question is whether creating a PBN can be termed as a black hat SEO or not? The answer to this question is Yes, PBN is counted as a black hat SEO activity. In case Google catches your private blog network, your sites are most likely to get blocked from Google which is something that you need to be careful of while creating a PBN network.

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