Graphic Designing is something that you cannot comprise on while designing a website or creation of marketing campaign online or offline. While graphic designing is a inseparable part of marketing online, we cannot just talk about graphic designing and not mention Photoshop. Photoshop is a tool that every graphic designer uses in the best graphic designing company in Delhi. Graphic Designing is the art of planning and creating pictures which contain image, design & text. It is also known as communication design, as it is used for conveying the communication to the audience on social media platforms, website or even offline.

Graphic designing is used for creative for social media, websites, e-mail marketing, image marketing, offline marketing like pamphlets, hoardings, etc. A graphic designer from the best graphic designing company in Delhi has to work with the colors, designs, shapes, brushes and textures to create a unique creative design for the client and his product.

Things which a graphic designer deal with while using Photoshop

in the best graphic designing company in Delhi



As the trends are changing the Photoshop software has also developed itself accordingly to generate better designs and of course to be in the game of most used tool for graphic designing by best graphic designing company in Delhi. In the last few decades, Photoshop tool has changed a lot, let’s check out.

1990’s : In 1990, the Photoshop 1.0 was introduced which was used only with the Macintosh Computers. The tool was used by the graphic designers for many reasons; most important of them is that it provided them with the opportunities to explore designing at next level. The best graphic designing company in Delhi was exploring this tool as they get the liberty to create designs with new techniques like overlapping text and faded elements.

2000’s: The 2000’s opened a new frontier for the graphic designers. There was increase in graphic designing from mobile, portable tools such as smart phones. The designers begin to realize that the graphic designing is been done for various platforms. The more basic logos and graphics created previously were now replaced by the 3D effects and techniques to make sure that they are better utilized.

Recent Changes: In the last decade, the website designing has been change in trends so rapidly and frequently as the audience is changing and becoming fragile. The most important part of the changes in graphic designing is the growth of online marketing. The usage of graphic designing for the websites changed as the website are developing at fast pace. Many of the best graphic designing company in Delhi are targeting towards creating the websites that want to achieve more website engagement with interesting website designs.

The recent changes in graphic designing are that they have to be more responsive as the searches are increased through mobile phones and voice search. Best graphic designing company in Delhi have to design creative that have to be more impressive in order to attract the attention of the users as there is so much content.



As the website designing and other parts of marketing changed the people tried to become more experimental and applied different techniques to create more interactive and personalized designs overtime to keep up with the pace of the technology. To make sure that the designers were able to do that Photoshop was always there to support them in creating these designs with its effective and easy to use features. The most important of them is how easily you can separate and work with the layers of the images or creative used to create the designs of your preference.