Marketing trends, one of the most important things a company should possess to have its claws spread all over the market.

And Google Tag manager is the newest of its kind. So, let’s understand what it is all about:

A free of cost tool which assists you in hectic code-editing tasks in a hassle-free manner through elimination of complicated developer friendly process. Having possessed an amazing feature by which marketing teams can add and update their own website tags inclusive of java script code snippets for site analytics, process of remarketing etc. , this feature seems to rule the marketing industry all over. Also, it’s advantageous as it lets the developers focus on major issues of the company.


Tags refer to the snippets of website code that assist with measurement of traffic and behavior of visitors. They play a very significant role in assessment of online advertising impact. Having read visitor behavior, they are helpful in targeting your audience group, leverage re-marketing, and in enhancement of your site. These are well-designed with specific site functions. Google Analytics Tag is one fine instance of the same.


Tagging is inclusive of complexity. Operation of large websites require constantly updated tags, addition of new tags, execution of new installations. And improper management of tags may have a slowed down site, misrepresentation, cost duplication, missing data as a resultant. Also, management of tags without a system is a very time taking task, which may result in delayed response to marketing and measurement process.


Easy usage:

It facilitates all the team members with a feature to update things, add tags, test changes, streamline the process, launch speedily, etc. in a hassle-free and quick manner! Having such a common platform accessed by the marketing team helps the development team to focus on bigger issues like improvement of site in an aggregate manner.

Control of version:

It has a special function through which creation of a new archived version happens every time a change is made through GTM. Having had this feature, it becomes easy to setback on the former version anytime. This way Google tag assistant is extremely helpful as it assists organization of tags, eased out troubleshooting, etc.

In-built tags:

Plenty number of important in-built tags are provided within GTM for Ad Words conversion, re-marketing etc. This facilitates the use of tag customization by a marketing team without coding knowledge in an easy and quick way.

Google tag manager WordPress:

It’s also available as a WordPress plugin which makes it easy as well as beneficial for you to add tags on your website. With such dynamic availability, like on WordPress, it’s the best assistant you can hire for managing your tags!

So, these are some of the key points concerning why google tag manager is the assistance you have been waiting for long.

GTM keeps you professionally independent as well as it lets your team function in a synchronized manner without having to employ a developer for such little tasks.

An absolute boon for your organization.

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