If you are planning to make your online presence, it is important to do it properly and in a genuine manner. People like visual, audio clips and colour but love video, as they are more eyes catching and trigger the viewer’s imagination. one should know some Facebook Video Hacks & Tips to boost your performance and become viral and get engagement.

Facebook recognised the trend and primed video contents in their algorithm.

Due to this, I researched the tips and hacks for successful video marketing on Facebook.

If you want to connect with your customers or viewers you need to be making videos on Facebook.


1. Use emotions and smiles

It’s really simple, if you are creating a video that is really boring and dull like then the viewer will lose the interest in your video and many will un-follow your page. If you are creating a video having a high engaging personality, emotions, engaging with your audience and smiling, you are fine. People will then leave comments and likes. We know this fact because we posted videos with smiling and videos without smiling and for some reason people preferred videos with me smiling.

2. Have a video at-least 5 minutes long.

When your videos are really short, you cannot keep people on Facebook for long. Facebook wants users to stay on facebook. They don’t want them to hop over your blog, to your website or to you-tube, even worse. The more time users spend on Facebook the more money will face-book earn from advertising because there is a higher chance of people clicking those ads. And that’s why you should have super long engaging videos. The longer the video the easier it is to get viral on Facebook.

3. Grab audience attention in the first few seconds.

If you have the very first few seconds of your video fetching, then there are high chances that the viewer will not back off from your video. Make sure that your video doesn’t take much time to load as it will increase the chances that the viewer clicking the stop or cancel button.

4. Add captions to your videos.

Not everyone has their speakers turn on. A lot of people browse facebook at work to take rest. It helps viewers to understand the video without audio. They want to check out what their friends are doing. So if your video has subtitles people can then end up reading what has been described in your video without turning on the speakers.

5. Post inspiring videos.

Posting inspirational videos can get more shares and engagement than sales messages. People generally post videos to go farther in their businesses. However, you don’t have to get a whole crew to make these types of videos. Just speak what’s in your heart and convey your message by putting a series of quotes.

6. Post directly to Facebook.

To have a prestigious position in the news feed, you should add video directly to Facebook. Even though you have a video posted on your youtube channel, avoid copying and pasting the link. Try to add video directly to Facebook to rank up.

7. Contemplate going live.

The updated Facebook algorithm favours live videos. The data shows that a live video holds the viewer’s interest for a long time and hence leads to more engagement. It also increases the trust of the brand as the brand comes in front of the audience itself. The live video also gets recorded and you can publish it on your page once the live video is ended.

8. Tag other pages.

Tagging other pages to your video can help to spread your video on Facebook. It is important to know ‘who to tag’. You should tag people who contributed to the video, people who are mentioned in the video and people who inspired you to make the video.

9. Choose the preferred audience for your video.

Before uploading a video you should know the preferred audience for your video. It is important to prefer audience as it allows you to set the people who you want to reach based on the interest. If you are a fashion retailer you should choose an audience having interest in ‘cosmetics’ or ‘accessories’ for your video.


Through facebook videos the business or individual page can connect to the audience more deeply and can drive more traffic to your page or business. Added you should have a good strategy and plan to promote and make the video viral on Facebook. It is a remarkable platform and one should take full advantage of the same.




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