Most Common Mistakes that are haunting the Website Design Industry

Snippet: Don’t make your website design a disaster by doing these common mistakes that haunt the website design industry with a Web design company in Delhi.

Common website designing mistakes, which often turns your website into disasters. Everyone wants to be an in-charge of their websites and want to have unique website designs to attract the attention and have better engagement. Having said that some web design company in Delhi believe that web designers tends to take all the different factors and getting confused about what they want on the website, ending up making a website disasters. You don’t want that certainly for your website. Website design company in Delhi having a fair amount of web designing experience can save you from these common mistakes. But first, let’s understand what are these common mistakes.

  1. You have 10 seconds: Make an impression or let them bounce back. Yes! For those who might not know, your website bounce rate affects your website ranking. What it means is that the user leaves your website within 10 seconds of being there and having press back button. Website design company in Delhi have always been strict towards the fact that your websites loading speed is as less amount of seconds as there can be. A page load speed depends on factors like having to images which are not compressed or coding that is making your website slow to load and making you lose users.
  2. A website or chaos: This is the most common mistakes that have actually haunted the website designs for years. We know that website design is an individual and personal task to some website designers where your “creativity leads the way” but that does not mean that you can create a complete mess out of your project. While working on a website design, one should keep in mind the factors like using the images, graphics, headings and even placing the links needs to be serving a purpose, building something that is organized and part of a pre-decided plan. Web design company in Delhi have been taking this part of website designing more seriously than before.
  3. Non-responsive websites: Hey!have you checked out my new website? NO. Check it out right now. Oh, it’s not loading. Have you been through this or fear this. Well, mobile searches are the most increasing share of searches on Google. Having websites which do not have responsive designs is the worst thing you could do to your brand’s and websites. Making mobile friendly website designs with a website design company in Delhi increases your user experience and have a better chance to index even on voice searches. Web design company in Delhi believes that mobile search is the most important trend of 2019 and maybe the first step to a completely different future for website designers.
  4. Links that don’t work: Social links or internal links, whats there use if they are not working. Having websites which have a lot of links to refer to but are not working is the biggest turn-off for a viewer. While a website is a representation of how your brand is displayed and showcased online. You would never want your website to be a drawback to your website. Making sure that the links which are put in your website serve a purpose and not unnecessary is the first task as the best website desgning company in Delhi.
  5. Why not use headings:

Wondering why you are not are not attracting your website viewers for second visits even while having amazing website content which is highly paid for or has a huge amount of your own time and money involved. You need to understand that headings are something that helps Google understand what you are focusing on your web page. Keywords are the easiest and complex part of designing a website. Web design company in Delhi always focuses and gives priority to content and especially using heading tags on your website.

  1. Every pixel matter:

      Paragraphs, Paragraphs, Para…. Ok now, this is getting boring, Bye Bye Website.

While a website is all about having a good impact on your business target audience. You cannot afford to waste even one pixel not contributing to what is your masterpiece, your organization on the digital space. When a webpage loads it is very easy to understand how professional the brand is, and what kind of quality does it endorse. Using your website’s white space properly is something, a web designing company in Delhi work for. Use headings are something that according to website designing company in Delhi gives a fair opportunity to stand out your content.

  1. Excuse me. But where is the link?: Well, again the most common mistake of all, links are the biggest part of having websites that are there. Website designing company in Delhi believes links make your website more easy to navigate and interactive with the users. Even when you might think of using these website links in your website you need to be careful of their placements. The most common mistakes that are done by the website designers all along the city is that they don’t put the links in the right place and in the right length that they deserve. While you work with such a web design company in Delhi, you need to have designers who understand the importance of these links and their future use.
  2. Contact us…where exactly?: Missing of contact information in website design is the most disheartening mistake you can make. Website design company in Delhi makes sure that your website has contact details, making your website have your audience converted into business leads. Contact forms on the website are something you need to add to make sure you get the user details and create a database for your business leads.
  3. Let your CTA have an impact you want: Big website designing company in Delhi with experienced web designers would include a call to actions as a part of strategy while planning your website to make sure that the user has its attention. Also, the placement of the call to actions on your website should be where it is most impactful and attracts the most users. For example after showcasng your services as the best website designing company in Delhi , you can have a call to action which says “Lets join hands to make your brand have best online platform with top-notch services”.


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