In 2019, the search is changing as so is the way we do Search Engine Optimization. As the first month of 2019 has already passed by, we have seen various big changes already being executed as a part of Google SEO Trends In 2019. Change in Seo is effected by a lot of factors, including Google itself. Google is making so many changes through its algorithms and the way it functions. Why? Because Google wants to provide the best user experience to the users and gain the highest amount f traffic. Each year Google is focusing on providing the best results and keeping up to its reputation of being the best and most used.

If you are looking to rank on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) through SEO, you need to have a look at these Latest SEO Trends In 2019 that are and going to be a part of your Search Engine Optimization.

1. Understand the Importance of Voice Searches

Voice search is definitely the Google SEO Trends In 2019. Understanding what the users want and catering to all their needs is what Google focuses on the most and hence Google launches various updates. Voice search has changed the way we use to search earlier. Searching has become a whole new process to an extent where the user now ask queries So now users are not focused on getting on a list of 10 results on a page but only one single result which answers to their queries through the microphone or speaker through voice search. It certainly is the biggest threat to the traffic for the websites.

According to research, 60% of the mobile searches are now done with the voice searches. As the demand for the Voice Search based devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo is going high day by day, we can expect this element of search becoming more popular and used in the future. Being the Latest SEO Trend In 2019, voice search needs to be on focus for achieving ranking. You need to have your page optimized according to the voice searches to achieve ranking in 2019

2. Rule the Mobile Searches

Mobile phones are going to become a major platform of searches in 2019 because they are mobile, easy to move around, lightweight and hence easy to search through from anywhere at any time. Mobile searches are very effective and are a huge part of the Latest SEO Trends In 2019. More than 50% of the mobile searches are intended to gain answers, which are quick, to the point and short, and hence they result in No-Click Searches. Now if you are website ranking on a keyword and you want the user to actually come to your website and increase and maintain your website’s relevance and ranking. But when there is no click that means that the user got what they were looking for from your snippet or any other websites snippet on the particular query search.

3. Role of Mobile first Indexing

Mobile-first index is a very big part of indexing the websites according to mobile searches. Well, we have been talking about how mobile searches are going to change the actual traffic to your website. 2019 is going to a year where most people expected to search through their mobile. Because of that Mobile –Google launches First Indexing, which is an integral part of the Latest SEO Trends in 2019.

Mobile first indexing is basically done by Google where it prioritizes mobile indexing to support the website on mobile searches. It solves the problem of dragged loading of the desktop indexed websites on the Mobile Phones. By mobile indexing, Google migrates the content of your website into a format supported by mobile phones. For the Best Digital Marketing Company In Delhi would do SEO in 2019 to ensure that your website is still ranking on Google SERP, not only you need to the relevant content but also make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive.

4. Power of Artificial Intelligence or AI

While the search is changing so much and becoming more complex it is difficult for Google as software to decide what the user wants. So Google created something, which is software but has the thinking and processing of answering a complex query. That is Artificial intelligence for you. Google as a search engine is only catering to what the user needs and it directly affects the Latest SEO Trends In 2019. AI is a major part of the websites rank on results used by various search engines. In fact, now AI is a huge part of replicating human presence on the website to acknowledge their user experience and whether they are relevant or not.

Google works on algorithms and according to the Top SEO Trends In 2019, we should focus on having content that answers to what the users want, content, which is relevant to their queries. To rank on Google with the help of these AI is only possible if there is a strategy followed by the best digital marketing company in Delhi. From planning your content to your keywords, you have to focus on creating a plan, which is implemented in the best way possible to comply with the artificial intelligence.  

5. Use of Schema

Google is now ranking websites which are explaining what exactly they are, as the searches are voice searches which require answers to long trail queries to meet the Seo trends in 2019. Using Schema for Rich snippets that include the highlighted data and helps in making your websites snippet look different than other searches. It takes the user attention for sure and can be used as triggers for clicks. You can add various plug-ins to connect your WordPress with the schema markup. Using schema is a job to do like the part of your SEO on a page, Choose the Best SEO Company In Delhi. As the voice search focus more on the context of the content more, the websites that express information about themselves as Events or Local business or any other category. They help Google identify your website and what’s actually it is. This schema allows you to rank on Voice search as well.

6. On-page Optimization

On-page optimization plays an important role in a website getting ranked on Google. When a search is changing, the content on the page should change as well. Content should be very to the point and should be able to answer the common questions asked by the user. Internal linking should be redirected towards the pages. With the changes in Latest SEO Trends In 2019, the communication is affected a lot.  According to the Best Digital Marketing Company In Delhi, the user is looking for quick answers, and information exchange. Hence adding the latest and updated chat box would be beneficial for your website.

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