A unique & responsive landing page helps in increasing the traffic and decreases the bounce rate for your website


Optimize your landing page so that it pleases your customers at first sight. Planning a beautiful landing page needs a bit of talent and a lot of testing. A real digital marketer doesn’t have a lot of creative ideas but also knows which one of them to test and which ones to not test. A/B testing is a part of digital marketers life Isn’t it? So we are here today to share with you the perfect strategy to plan your landing pages to increase the traffic and decrease the bounce rate…HOW? Well We at Seo Designs, the Best website designing company in Delhi, have tested various landing pages and are going to share with you tips to optimize your website and landing page to have increased traffic.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are the pages on which the user lands after he clicks on the link to your website on a result page through search ads or any other ad like display ad,etc.

Once the user clicks on the ad, your CTR (Click Through Rate) is done but it is crucial to maintain the prospective subscriber or buyer of your service or product to your page and with that it important to retain him as to decrease your web page’s bounce rate and increase the overall traffic to your website. You can use the services provided by the best web designing service in Delhi.

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Landing pages are the first impression of your website. Besides the plenty of templates, pictures and other graphics present with you, the strategy is really important when it comes to generating the best.Strategy making comes from keeping in mind all the options and creating the best outcome, Just as we strive to do as one of the Best website designing company in Delhi NCR.


Tips To Optimize Your Landing Page Experience


Tip 1

Placing pictures – On the landing page of any website, the first thing which should be kept in mind is a unique and attractive picture. Pictures have a very interesting appeal apart from the text and that’s why they can be used in various parts of the landing pages to play different roles.

  • On the header, the picture used can be of the logo of the company or the author of the web page. Make sure that the picture is attractive and is the size is not too big or small. Remember it is the first thing the user might see, so it must have a good impression.
  • Picture 2 is very important cause it is what is give away the major idea of your product services and or whatever your page is about. This picture is very important to persuade the users into buying the service or product.

For example you have an travelling company landing  page now, the picture used on the page should be temping and should make user wish to visit that place.

  • As the best web designing service in Delhi, we would suggest you to place the third picture on the call to action button. This picture can be used as an eye candy to catch the users attention to the call to action button.

For example for an web page providing free pictures, have a picture quoting “free picture” on the “register” button.

Tip 2

Using correct colour combination on your landing pages is very important as it can increase or decrease your bounce rate rather directly. If you are using the help of top website designing company in Delhi NCR, then you will see that the colours are chosen by the designers very carefully depending on the colour wheel to have the important  areas highlighted like the call to action button.

Tip 3

Headline: After coming to the landing page it is important for the user to be maintained on the web page to reduce the bounce rate. It can be only done if the user is satisfied with what he sees. What I mean is that there is a relevancy between the link he clicked on and the landing page. So the headline should be relevant to CTA text and to the point as well.You can apply for to our website to get the best web designing service in Delhi.


Types of headlines you can use according to your website and industry


  • Crisp and concise: Use five to six words to describe what you are offering to the users. Like “Get your website designed in seconds”. This will make the user get the idea of what your website is about and what you can do
  • Ask user a question. If you have a service or product that can solve a major problem in users life. Then simply ask them a query and then tell them the answer in the next line saying we can solve this. Say you have a counseling service then ask user the question “Are you having a constantly down feeling”.

Tip 4

Content on the web page should be selected and placed very precisely. The content on the landing pages are generally related to the product or services offered by that web page.

  • These key features or services should be listed in a bullet points and placed in a very non-complicated manner for user to see. This content can also contain why you should go on and fill your details in the form besides this text.
  • Having value proposition: The content of the landing page designed by the top website designing company in Delhi NCR will always have a unique way to generate value proposition than an normal person, that is done by asking user three questions i.e. What is the service? And why they need to buy it? And how much is the worth?

After all of these tips the main focus stays on the call to action placement on the web pages.

Tip 5

Call to action placement on page is usually done differently according the various templates.

We as the best website designing company in Delhi have tested various landing pages and come out the results showing that one-field registration forms are the best to get the user to have a quick sign up to your page. The more you make it complicated the more chances are that the user might bounce right out of your website.

Tip 6

Avoid using long landing page. Users are likely to bounce back fast if they scroll down to find the CTA and hence as the top website designing company in Delhi NCR, we tend to make brief and to the point landing pages that are not only beautiful but also makes users to click on the call to action button of your landing page.


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