About Urban Scissors

Urban Scissors is a startup by a professional photographer from India to make a mark in the clothing industry for himself. It was a small startup which started in August 2021 and joined us in November 2021 with the main aim to deliver quality product with urban style stitching and top-quality linen. Making sure that the men apparels, they deliver has the quality which speaks for itself.

They deal in subtle shirts, fine-printed shirts and most comfy sweatshirts for men, adhering to the quality standards and providing you the best apparel range in the market.

urban scissors logo


Social Media Strategy– A well strategized social media plan was crafted for Urban Scissors by our team to focus and grow the social media presence of the brand on the platform like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Our main aim was to increase the visibility of the apparels of Urban Scissors on social media platforms.

Advertisement Management– Our team worked on running advertisements for the brand through Google Ads and managed them for maximum exposure and to increase the sale of the product. We made sure that the product is targeted to the most profitable markets and appropriate consumers.

Website Traffic Growth– We also helped the brand in increasing their sales through improving the traffic on their website. We developed action plans focusing more traffic, to share their presence over the social media and speed up the sales.


Brand Reach- In order to survive in the market, you need impeccable reach towards your end consumers and the market, at SEO Designs, we assist you in spreading your reach and taking your business to new heights. Our team went straight into managing the social media presence of the brand and help it grow through Google Ads and eye-catching marketing.

Increase Sales- Our team worked on promoting the brand on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest and also, worked towards increasing the traffic on the brand’s website which eventually leads to the higher number of sales for the company.

Branding- Our Design team worked towards designing and branding for Urban Scissors and located new trends and analyzed the market demand for the brand. We provided our relevant suggestions to the brand for product and inventory, to make it more appealing for the users. 


Limited Stock– Being a startup, the available stock was very limited due to which we faced problems in both collaborations with artists and promotion of the brand. We had to come up with new ideas for color and design of the products.

Designing– With limited stocks and very less social presence, another huddle in the race was that the designing of the product was restricted and limited to a certain number. Our design team worked on finding new colors and planned the product as per market demand.


Complete Social Media Strategy– From managing the social media platforms for the brand, to running advertisements, we managed all for the brand. We handled the posting and content for the brand for their media presence, to promote their product.

Increasing Traffic– At SEO Designs, we give our best with our knowledge and dedicated team to promote your website and increase the traffic, resulting in higher sales and expanded reach in the market.

Designing and Analytics– Our Design and Research team worked together and recommended trending product and design as per the results of Google Trends and team’s analytics. We give the idea of introducing Sweatshirts and also, recommended color theme for the same.


Improved Inventory/Stock– In just 10 days, we managed to plan photoshoots, create reels, run appropriate advertisements and design and market the new and improvised stock for the company, giving it a new boost and shape to conquer the market.

Major Increase In Sales- The result of SEO Design’s hard work speaks loudly in numbers, within mere two days, the apparel line was stock out with a sales of 30 lacs and that too on a budget focused advertisement. We helped the start-up earn more revenue than expenditure with target marketing the product in India only and earning majority of sales from North East India.

Client’s Faith- The project ended on 31 December 2021, with stock out and a new sales record, earning the trust and faith of the client and now, they are on a short break with an on-going planning for a bigger return.