I’m Abhinav Sehgal

 I grow companies using
advanced digital
marketing strategies.

Hi, I’m Abhinav Sehgal

 I channel companies towards growth by using Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies.

one Trick Pony


Great marketing creates impressions that people like, remember, and talk about. 

I bring the spotlight to your brands, online and offline.


Content Strategy

I combine the power of words with strategic approach to communicate your vision with absolute clarity and precision.  

SEO Strategy

You don’t need to find “your space” when I can make every space your own. With impeccable knowledge and practiced skill, I get your brands the attention they deserve.


Information Architecture

Strategic content placement helps to retain visitors. The user friendly website I build instantly increases conversion rates, thus, allowing for better quality of traffic.

Social Media

When to say what is a skill lost on most. With a thorough understanding of all the social media algorithm, I come up with platform-specific strategies to turn your brands into lead magnets


Great marketing markets itself, therefore, I intricately curate the most innovative campaigns which are practical and proficient in driving traffic to your websites.

Automation & Funnel Creation

Why go the hard way when we can go the smart way? With the help of efficient marketing funnels, I constantly generate new automatic leads that boost the sales on your website.


Active Clients

Cups of Coffee

a Digital Marketing Consultant,

if you want to build a strong brand presence and achieve sustainable business growth, I’m your man.

Increase Conversion Rates

My extensive understanding of the industry and impeccable user research enables me to fetch you high conversion rates with a better digital presence.

Reduce Bounce Rate

With fabulously designed funnels and strategically placed content, the websites I make are 100% user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

Drive More Traffic

Every brand deserves to be seen and heard. With my expertise and knowledge in the marketing industry, I come up with innovative methods to make sure that your brand gets the clients it was envisioned for. 

Turn your traffic/ casual visitors into devoted clients, now!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Sometimes I do write 

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Dream big, Work bigger
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Story of Abhinav Sehgal- Young Entrepreneur Who Leads 2019

Abhinav Sehgal, the name behind the very successful startup of2018​ ​Seo Designs Private Limited. A 22 years old young entrepreneur who is stepping up the game for each and every individual in the digital marketing & web designing industry with his right attitude, smart work and absolute focus towards success.

Today let’s get to know behind the life of this guy who has apparently faced failures and obstacles to reach this success point.

An energetic, ambitious, and highly motivated business professional who has a strong desire to succeed and possesses the ability to develop positive working relationships.

His tools, methods, models and training are all curated and designed to meet these ongoing ever changing needs of clients. 
In this short span, he has not only created a unique place for himself but also have been granted with numerous recognition by our valuable clients.

The Journey started from 2015 with Gabru, a Punjabi restaurantbased in Patel Nagar. He was always inclined towards starting his own start-up or business and since he was interested a foodie at heart, he believed that it was a great thing to start with. He opened with his partner & It actually turned out to be a success and one-of-its-kind restaurant. Gabru was something that he worked for Day and Night and put his heart, mind, and soul into it. The idea behind Gabru was converted into reality from paper really well. But it was not realized by Abhinav that it was soon going to be turning Abhinav’s life into something which he would have never expected. Gabru was success for sure and was loved by its loyal customers as Abhinav claims to still receive inquiry calls regarding it. But Gabru was bought to a phrase where Abhinav found it better to cut the losses and shut down his first ever business. But the Partnership & Relations did’nt worked well.


Abhinav was unable to fight back to what happened and how. It was a stage where he hit the rock bottom real hard, and though Abhinav’s family was never against him and supported him like a rock through this phrase of failure, he was unable to face them. And hence it would not be wrong to claim that he was at a stage of “Zero” in his life.


Abhinav soon after realized that digital marketing is the next Big thing in the business world not only in India but globally .And India is going to experience the boom period for its demand and growth in the near future. And that’s when he got interested in digital marketing.


The first ever project was none other than the very famous psychologist Dr. Neha Malhotra, who has a website by the name www.drnehamalhotra.com .

Abhinav has all the qualities that a good entrepreneur would have along with his proactiveness, his delegation, his business instinct about a market, his planning, professionalism, patience and many more.

Seo Designs has now achieved a reputation of being the best digital marketing and web solutions agency in not only Delhi but all over the world which it is on time delivered projects, including Homelife (Canada), Camelman, Hopeland, Dr.Neha Malhotra, Balwant Exim, Kotler Impact ,World Marketing Summit, 7starpizzeria, and many more.

Apart from this SEO Designs Pvt. Ltd was also featured in Delhi Talks 2019 Magazine & were also awarded as the best graphic & designing company.

Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share.

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