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The basic difference when it comes to web designing and web development is that both are connected to the making of website but web development can take any web design and make it with various languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc and execute the website functioning. A web developer is indeed a person who has a high level of knowledge and passion to convert a basic website into a responsive and a good build website with the solid foundation of coding. We at Seo Designs always believe in keeping up with its reputation of being The Best Web Development Company In Delhi with a vision to create websites which are not only nicely designed but well developed as well with strategic coding.

As I mentioned before a “solid foundation of coding”, well there is a lot of coding that goes into developing a website as the web developer uses the scripting languages like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or Javascript for that matter. There are several types of coding done on the website which supports its functions and the way it looks as well, the major coding in the website is on Client side coding and Server side coding. Languages like Html is used for client-side coding while languages like XML are used for server-side coding. Server-side coding basically helps in making the buttons on the screen workable. Web developers are needed to have a good amount of information about the various website coding languages to build the best as we do at Seo Designs being The Best Website Development Company In Delhi.


How important it is to have a good coding behind the website as in at the backend?


Well, the answer is very, a well-coded website will help your website load faster which helps you with Lower Bounce Rates: Bounce rate refers to the number of people who visited your website and left it in a particular period of time without scrolling further. More bounce rate worse it is for your business. The Best Web Development Agency In Delhi suggests to always maintain a lower bounce rate. The major problem behind high bounce rate is the website loads slower or not works properly, but when you have a good website developed by The Best Web Development Company In Delhi NCR, all these problems will be taken care of.

It helps in improving your SEO that is Search Engine Optimization which is basically ranking your website on the top of the search results. When people are searching for different business and they type their query or name of the product or service they want for example The Best Website Development Company In Delhi NCR, on Google or any other search engine like Yahoo, Bing, etc. Well, the search engine uses the words present in the query and look up to them in their database of thousands of websites. The search pages have on top the best and most relevant websites.

And that’s our aim, to rank at #1 with our websites on Google result pages and to become high quality and relevant website in eyes of these search engines with respect to the searches. You need The Best Web Development Agency In Delhi NCR like SEO Designs which develops the websites with the aim to improve your Seo rankings by creating websites according to the latest updates so that they can be indexed on Google.

Good Web Development helps you in improving your website’s analytics as a good website attracts a lot of customers who also tend to spread a good word of mouth and the number of users increases. Also when you have a strong coding that helps your website to become responsive and adjust according to various mobile devices like your desktop, tablets, and smartphones which improves your website’s reputation in return.

Improve Customer Engagement: For different websites the amount of coding and the type of coding and its scripting language changes, though CSS is commonly used by various web developers to have the best results. Especially in case of E-commerce websites which require to work perfectly at any point of time in the day. These websites tend to created with a lot of efforts and we at Seo Designs are The Best E-Commerce Website Development Company In Delhi.

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